VitalMobile is a Portuguese company with posted revenues that delivered the first Telemonitoring program in 2006. The company’s journey was built upon its user’s needs, prioritizing safety and security in this unique professional solution.

Our founders background is settled in 20 years of experience creating innovative solutions in the IT area, having their products established in companies such as Banks, Ministry of Justice and also the Health sector.

The Platform started to be developed after a conversation with a friend, in 2003, a Medical Doctor and a Medical University Professor, being the first telemonitoring solution ever designed and created for improving the chronic patient’s health. VitalMobile started to deliver telemonitoring services in 2006, 24/7.

We started with Neuromuscular patients at home. The platform monitors and alarms on the patient’s health condition, improving Quality of Life, following medical protocols, supported by a technological and innovative platform and by the creation of the first remote monitoring methods and technologies, enabled by the communication’s capacity.

Composed by different modules and unique tools it allows a secure management and telemonitoring of different pathologies such as COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Diabetes, Hypertension, Covid-19 and others. With more than 10 years of development, the Platform supports any Patient, even people who never used a mobile phone before, for instance. VitalMobile has also been involved in supporting – Pro-Bono – new monitoring ways in paediatric cardiology patients.

“We truly invest our resources and expertise on our Patient’s Quality of Life, acting through our partners and clients. Our extensive experience on clinical settings and technologies has enabled us to develop critical solutions based on innovative and validated technology, that integrate with our partner’s services.”

José Belo - Founder & CEO


The need to create new models of delivering Health Care ; To be an effective and trusted entity with the capacity to develop and offer true solutions, technologies and services in Telehealth.



Deliver viable Solutions and Services in health by investing resources and expertise on our partners and clients needs, with the focus on increasing the patient’s Quality of Life. VitalMobile will be in the front line helping professionals effectively support their patient communities with ease.