Who we are

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VitalMobile is a Portuguese company who develops its activity exclusively in Remote Telemonitoring, and was a world pioneer in Professional Patient Monitoring.

VitalMobile, a "Spin Off" of UltraPonto, invests since 2003 its resources in improving the quality of life of patients. By helping each patient to better understand their condition, and support caregivers by giving them access to biometric data in real time and distance, has developed and implemented a new health model with proven benefits.

This model helps to improve the sustainability of the National Health Service and the profitability of private health providers to make the monitoring more efficient, patient complying with medical protocols and ensuring significant reduction of operating costs, travel, management, work organization and their prioritization.





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VitalMobile aims to bring greater quality of life to a greater number of patients and clinical teams by creating disruptive methods of health delivery.

That equity is effective when anyone, regardless of their level of education, financial, or geographic location can benefit from this service.

 Any clinical team can follow and intervene in the disease of each of their patients more effectively, quickly and securely.


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At a time Remote Telemonitoring did not exist in telemedicine, VitalMobile created and developed it as a strategic area in the company.

VitalMobile created and implemented a model that ensures improved quality of life for patients, through the use disrupted innovation and new technologies complying with medical protocols where established with great impact on health and costs associated.

VitalMobile created and implemented the first Patient Remote Monitoring service worldwide in 2005, supported by it's own easy to use platform, in severall pathologies with comprehensive and scalable service solutions to allow future growth at controlled costs.



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VitalMobile will continue to focus its activity on the continuous improvement of the services offered in order to satisfy the needs of their employees, partners and customers.

Providing quality, high-performance and cost-efficient services, ensuring that employees and service providers have the best training to perform their work.


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We regularly seek professionals. Grow with us.

If you think you can contribute to our future, please drop us a line and send us your CV.

We will contact you as soon as we begin the new selection process.

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