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Wed, 05/28/2014 - 18:11 -- admin

VitalMobile can support you in your work, improving results and conveying a perception of quality of services provided to your patients, in a unique and exclusive way.

It has proved to be a cost-effective system in both aspects, cost and time devoted to patient follow-up action.

VitalMobile offers a service that gives you a simple, comfortable and innovative way to monitor your patients, from any location to wherever the patient is: at home, at work, in transit, etc.

Your team will have access to clinic patient information in real time and in all situations of their everyday life. The system provides resources in order to reduce intervention needs.

VitalMobile developed a new professional service, accessible to all, which translates in proximity to the patient, simple, usable by everyone and very comprehensive about the conditions to follow.

The service allows timely clinical performance, which can be therapeutic, for the patients at a distance where the success of this intervention can be assessed in due time.

VitalMobile's platform technology is characterized by being very adaptable ensuring personalized services.
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