I am an Health Service Provider


Wed, 05/28/2014 - 12:59 -- admin

VitalMobile's service can complement your health services by improving the results and quality perception of your services to your patients in a unique and exclusive way.

It is a service available for Hospitals, Clinics and Private Practice.

It offers a service that allows providing patients with a simple, comfortable and innovative way to monitor their biometric data without wires around, and anywhere: at home, at work, in transit, etc.

Your medical staff will have secure access, whenever needed, to clinic patient bio-data information of your patients in real time wherever they are. The service can help, through a monitoring center, that intervention occurs only when necessary.

VitalMobile offers a robust professional service, accessible to all, which translates into real proximity to the patient, simple and usable by everyone and very comprehensive about the conditions it follows.

The service allows precise performance for all involved at a distance, when the intervention's success have to be assessed in due time.


The VitalMobile technology is characterized by being very adaptable ensuring personalized services / adapted to each situation.

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