The challenge

Contribute to improving the effectiveness of health professionals in their work even under increasing budgetary constraints.

The VitalMobile Platform

Our mobile solutions have proven and responded to the needs of collecting and making available anywhere and at any time of Bio-information gathered with advanced technologies, non-invasive, wireless, allowing an increased quality of life and work of all people involved: the patient, his relatives, the nurses and the doctor himself, without neglecting the costs involved.

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The VitalMobile HCSS can contribute to the quality of service provided while simplifying the daily work involved in monitoring "Home Care" for each patient individually.


The well managed effort leads to better results and maximum performance.

The successful training is the key PSM - Physiological Status Monitoring - which lets you see the physical intensity and load (cumulative effort) in real time.

You can manage the effort of their athletes to ensure their maximum efficiency by preventing injuries.

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Designed for any environment

The teams of civil defense, fire services, security forces often operate in extreme and hazardous environments. It is possible, through the use of monitoring equipment, provide cost-effective solutions and easy to use, to improve the safety of its teams in the field and contribute to the optimization of the results of missions.

All the information you need to keep your team safe.

Traces 50 individuals simultaneously.

Knowledge, in real time, the physical condition of the field staff, can help team leaders to make better decisions at the site of action.

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With the PSM ECHO Defense system - the state, effort, stress and exhaustion can be quantified, recorded and analyzed.

Training is an essential area of our armed forces.

While in training or in action, the recruits are often at the peak of their capacity, operating at high pressure and extreme environments and if the unit to which they belong equipped with the right tools, can go even further. Monitoring the physical condition is therefore essential.

The monitoring system gives you real time information on the physical condition of the elements.

Those responsible for training can observe the intensity and load at any time during training, allowing security training.

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