Studies and work carried out

For each service and expertise available, they were carried out specific work to meet the needs of their own disease.

Some studies conducted over the years since 2007 have been presented in scientific circles.


Telemonitoring pilot project in COPD Multicenter Study - preliminary data

"The results, which reflect a quarter (October-December 2014) compared to the same period last year, and there are few to conclusions, are promising and show various economies and a greater degree of security and satisfaction of patients and families caregivers ".

Authors: Rui Nêveda *; João Paulo Silva **; Fatima Silva *** Department of Pulmonology * Intensive Care Unit ** - Local Unit of the Alto Minho Vitalmobile Health - Patient Telemonitoring Services ***

Medical team of the ULSAM Department of Pulmonology, EPE

Nursing Team Intensive Care Unit ULSAM, EPE

March 2015





Implementation of an oximetry system domiciliary Wireless 'wireless' in patients under continuous ventiloterapia

"The transmission oximetry data" wireless "in real time is a reality, allows better monitoring of patients and may improve home care in this patient group.


The solution has enabled the VitalMobile will access away (without leaving the Hospital) and real-time readings of the oximeters, will as they are obtained (in patients), and allowed us:

 -Discover The need for some adjustments in therapy;

 -Confirm The effect of adjustments made;

 -To Have a greater sensitivity on the patient's level of stability and its monitoring needs;

 -Obtaining These results immediately, and simultaneously more accurately with less time consumption and displacement ".


Authors: João Carlos Winck 1, 2 José Belo, Belo Gonçalo 2

 Nuno Silva 3, Miguel R Gonçalves1, James Pinto4

Pneumology-1 Service, FMUP; 2-Vitalmobile -UltraPonto; 3-Linde Home Care; 4-Pneumology Service, HSJ EPE

March 2010





Ventilatory monitoring wireless (Vitalmobile® AVM) to ventiloterapia long term: a study pilot during flight

"This innovative wireless monitoring of ventilation parameters system in conjunction with oximetry is feasible (even during the flight and in a foreign country) and could allow patient mobility supporting quality control of home ventiloterapia"

Authors: João Carlos Winck 1.2, José Belo3, R Gonçalves1,2 Miguel, Nuno Silva4, Gonçalo Belo3 1-Pneumology Service, HSJ EPE; 2-Pneumology Service, FMUP; 3-Vitalmobile - UltraPonto; Linde 4-Home Care

March 2009