Telemonitoring project of patients with heart failure, at Hospital de Santa Maria, using Vitalmobile’s Technology, presents promising results!


This project, coordinated by the Doctor Dulce Brito, was subject to a study in the area of Telemonitoring of Patients with Heart Failure, in order to avoid excessive hospital readmissions, supported by the Vitalmobile platform. More information here.


“VitalMobile Award – Gonçalo Belo” for the best scientific work in the field of e-Health


Applications for the first edition of the “VitalMobile - Gonçalo Belo” Prize are open from January 6, 2020 until the 31st of the same month. VitalMobile and UBI - University of Beira Interior have established a collaboration protocol in order to reward the best doctoral thesis in the field of e-health, UBI's mission is to promote high-level qualification, teaching and research.

VitalMobile's mission is to provide greater Quality of Life to a greater number of Patients and Clinical Teams through the creation of disruptive health distribution methods.

Gonçalo Belo was one of the architects of the platform, a trained engineer and a notable personality, who made a decisive contribution so that today so many patients and health professionals can have this telemonitoring service. Deceased in 2017, he is now justly honored in the designation of a prize that aims to encourage those like him who work to improve citizenship, specifically in the area of ​​e-health.

The telemonitoring model implemented by VitalMobile with the Telemonitoring team at the Viana do Castelo Hospital, is already a reference, after 5 years of effective work in the field and is shown in the technical sheet produced by SPMS and available for consultation. Despite the results and the enthusiasm of all involved, there is still work to be done with regard to implementation on a broader scale, and this also involves the academy, where there are already works on these themes that are important to value and disseminate and contribute to increase the professionals confidence in these solutions.

Thus, on December 11, 2019, the cooperation protocol between UBI and VitalMobile was signed at the Rectory of the University of Beira Interior. Applications are now open, and participation is reserved for doctorates in the areas of health and health technologies, authors of a doctoral thesis on the topic of e-Health.

The announcement of the winner is scheduled for April. All the necessary documents for the application (form available on the UBI website, doctoral thesis and curriculum vitae, among others) must be sent to this email address More information here.


Acontece Magazine Interview


The Telemonitoring Program carried out at ULSAM (Local Health Unit of Alto Minho), with the VitalMobile solution, was the subject of the report “Get your breath back and gain quality of life”, in the April edition of Acontece magazine (pages 14 to 17; An edition of the Central Administration of the Health System (ACSS).

About the project started in 2014 with 15 patients and which today exceeds 100, it can be read that «the results obtained in three years of operation [2015-2018] demonstrate the success of the experience». As participants in this report, there were also two patients from the program, who gave their testimonies, sharing in what measures their quality of life improved substantially after the implementation of the system.

All patients in the program are followed 24 hours a day by the clinical team (pulmonologist Dr. Rui Nêveda and Nurse João Silva) and by the VitalMobile technical team. its activity [of the Telemonitoring Program] to other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart failure.

The pilot project for patients with heart failure has been working with the monitoring of two patients since December 2018 », with the VitalMobile solution. You can read the full story here.


VitalMobile at Portugal Ehealth Summit 2019


Between March 19 and 22, VitalMobile participated in the 3rd edition of Portugal eHealth Summit, in Lisbon. Beyond having participated in the event as a company of Professional Telemonitoring of patients, with some exhibitions of its services, the VitalMobile solution was also referred in lectures given by professionals of clinical teams that work with it on a daily basis. Doctor Rui Nêveda (pneumologist) described the excellent results obtained in the telemonitoring project of ULSAM (Local Unit of Health in Alto Minho region), with patients of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and the nurse João Silva shared his work experience and knowledge in this field at a workshop for other nurses: TeleHealth and Nursing.


VitalMobile at MEDICA Fair Dusseldorf 2018


Vitalmobile participated in the MEDICA Fair in Dusseldorf between 12 and 15 November 2018. We thank all those who visited our stand and those who attended our presentation (pitch). It was a very enriching experience and a new goal achieved.


Participation in E-Saúde Book


Our Telemonitoring team shared the results of its pilot project in Viana do Castelo.

In a SITT initiative, our Telemonitoring team shared the results of their pilot project: Telemonitoring of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Alto Minho, through participation in the Book E-Saúde. This edition is also used for teaching students of health sciences courses and health professionals.


VitalMobile and USAM achieve excellent results in DPOC (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) telemonitoring project


The team, composed by the clinical team of Viana do Castelo Hospital and Vitalmobile, presented on 28 to 30 June 2016, during the Lisbon eHealth 2016, promoted by the SPMS/Ministry of Health, the excellent results obtained in its second year of Remote Telemonitoring project of COPD patients.

This team, had reached high levels of patient satisfaction and cost reduction in 2014, which led to the winning of the Award for Good Health Practices, established by the National Health Service last year.

The results now achieved confirmed last year results at Viana do Castelo, also validating a higher level of effectiveness of the new version of VitalMobile Platform (fourth-generation). Results even improved over the previous year, surpassing the 50% reduction in Emergency Room (ER) visits and also on Hospital Admissions in these chronically ill patients in advanced stages of the disease.

The team led by Dr. Rui Nêveda, defined and implemented an interdisciplinary model using the ICU nursing team supported by Vitalmobile Telemonitoring Model composed of its services and technological platform.

There were benefits in the effectiveness of the Clinical team and in the level of patient satisfaction (above 90%), all in the most severe phase of the disease (Gold D) and with an average age above 70 years.

José Belo, VitalMobile’s CEO reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the chronical patients by improving their Quality of Life, following the medical protocols through disruptive new health models, made possible by their technology, experience and dedication.

As in the previous year, the various companies involved in the COPD pilot project in several hospitals, the ULSAM/Vitalmobile project was the only one to present, in this meeting, detailed and conclusive objective results of the work developed.

Vitalmobile is a company dedicated exclusively to Mobile Patient Remote Monitoring with multi-level services supported on a 4th Generation technology platform. This platform allows the integration of complementary services on a 24/7 basis and through its comprehensive supply offers results of excellence in professional services.

The Vitalmobile Platform for Remote Monitoring and Patient Management, which has been in professional use for more than 10 years, in constant evolution, integrates patient management and control in safety and low cost, through appropriate models for each monitored disease.

The Viana do Castelo Hospital integrated in ULSAM - Local Health Unit of Alto Minho, is a public health services unit that had as the leader of the project Dr. Rui Nêveda, Director of the Pneumology Service and had the Enf. João Silva and his team of ICU nurses to ensure the clinical model of intervention.

To contact Vitalmobile, you can do so by calling 217 581 626 or by


“Boas Práticas” Award in Telemonitoring NHS 2015


In the framework of the “II Encontro de Telemedicina”, which took place in the Parque da Saúde in Lisbon, the Telemedicine Best Practice Award of the NHS was awarded to the team that contributed most to the achievement of the objectives of the TWG - Telemedicine Working Group, namely the promotion and dynamism of the methodological areas in which telemedicine is being developed - Telemonitoring, Telehealth in real time and Telehealth in delayed time (screening).

The award-winning team is led and composed by Dr. Rui Nêveda, director of the Pneumology service of ULSAM - Local Health Unit of Alto Minho, Nurse João Silva, coordinator of the ICU - Intensive Care Unit of the same health unit and by Vitalmobile that provides telemonitoring services.


When a mere cell phone can avoid going to the emergency room


Fifteen patients from the Viana do Castelo district will be monitored from home by doctors and nurses. The aim is to improve the quality of life and minimize the impact of the disease on everyone's life.

“Patients are committed and motivated to participate in the project”, guarantees Rui Nêveda, pulmonologist at Hospital de Viana do Castelo and responsible for monitoring the 15 patients who were selected there. "This is not going to represent a cure for patients, they are alerted to that," he explains. But it will “help them to have a better quality of life and avoid unnecessary hospital visits”.

“We know that it is not easy, but that is also the job of the medical and nursing team, as well as the company that provides the material: motivating patients, explaining what they should do”, guarantees Rui Nêveda, who will coordinate a team with five pulmonologists, three nurses and three technicians from the Pulmonology department, plus 24 Intensive Care nurses who, by scale, will monitor patients between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am during the week and between 8:00 pm Friday and 8 am on Monday.

It is certain that, in the near future, 15 patients will be constantly monitored and a phone call away in case of detection of any anomaly. "In some cases it will be enough to adjust the medication or advise some type of medication to lower the fever and thus avoid a visit to the emergency room that, of course, will end up in an unnecessary hospitalization", asserts Rui Nêveda.

You can read the full story here.

In: Diário de Notícias, 19th may 2014.


Controlo Remoto da Doença


System for neuromuscular patients and with respiratory failure. The system arises because this type of disease has increased.

The Faculty of Medicine is preparing a pilot project that aims to promote remote medical control to neromuscular patients and those with respiratory failure. The only requirement is that the patient has a state-of-the-art mobile phone.

You can read the full story here.

In: O Primeiro de Janeiro, 27th december 2012.

Autora: Joana Soares.


Medical Surveillance by Mobile Phone


The Faculty of Medicine of Porto (FMUP) has developed a system for remote medical monitoring, via a 3rd generation mobile phone, of neuromuscular patients who need mechanical ventilation, a university source said.

The system called "VitalMobile", is the result of more than two years of investigation by the Pulmonology Service of FMUP, in partnership with a computer and telecommunications company.

"Through this system, a patient who had to be in the hospital in order to be permanently monitored can now be monitored at home, at work, at school, on the move or any other place where a cell phone can be used" says a statement from FMUP .

This innovation, emphasizes FMUP, "gives patients autonomy and increases their quality of life".

You can read the full story here.

In: Açoreano Oriental.


Patients monitored by mobile phone


Portuguese patients with mechanical ventilation can now be monitored by a doctor via mobile phone.

"Through this system, a patient who had to be in the hospital to be permanently monitored, can now be monitored at home, at work, at school, on the move or anywhere else where a cell phone can be used".

You can read the full story here.

In: Diário de Notícias, 25th december 2006.


RTP Interview


Report in RTP1, in 2006, about the VitalMobile Remote Bio-Monitoring Platform and the way it is being used by a chronic patient at the Pulmonology Service of the Faculty of Medicine of Porto - Hospital S. João.

You can see the full story here.