For each service and specialty delivered by VitalMobile, specific papers have been brought over to contribute with answers regarding the needs of such pathologies. Since 2007, some of those were presented in the scientific community.


Pilot Project Telemonitoring in COPD Multicentric Study – preliminary data “The results reflect a trimester (October to December 2014) compared with the homologous period of 2013. They showed promising results and several advantages by increasing the security and satisfaction rates in patients and their families”.

Rui Nêveda - Pneumology Service
João Paulo Silva - Intensive Care Unit
Fátima Silva - Local Health Unit of Alto Minho Vitalmobile – Telemonitoring Service

March 2015


Deployment and use of a Wireless Home Oximetry in patients under Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure “Wireless Oximetry data transmission in real time became a reality, allowing a better patient’s health monitoring and could improve home care in this particular group of patients.

VitalMobile's solution enabled long distance access and in real time of oximetry readings, allowing us to:

> Detect any adjustments in therapy needs;
> Confirm the effect of such adjustments;
> Have a higher sensitivity about the patient’s stability level and their monitoring necessities;
> Obtain immediate results, with a higher precision and simultaneously less time consuming”.

João Carlos Winck - Pneumology Service
José Belo - Vitalmobile - UltraPonto
Gonçalo Belo - Vitalmobile-UltraPonto
Nuno Silva - Linde Home Care
Miguel R Gonçalves - Pneumology Service
Tiago Pinto - Pneumology Service, HSJ EPE

March 2010


Wireless Ventilation Monitoring (Vitalmobile® AVM) for Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in long term: pilot study during a flight “This innovative system of monitoring wireless ventilation parameters along with Oximetry is achievable (even during a flight and in a foreign country) and it can contribute for a patient’s higher mobility, supporting a quality control in Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure home care”.

João Carlos Winck - Pneumology Service, HSJ EPE1 + Pneumology Service, FMUP
José Belo - Vitalmobile – UltraPonto
Miguel R Gonçalves - Pneumology Service, HSJ EPE1 + Pneumology Service, FMUP
Nuno Silva - Linde Home Care
Gonçalo Belo - Vitalmobile – UltraPonto

March 2009